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Psychometric Assessments and the PMP Exam

(This is meant to explain psychometrics in broad strokes, as there are plenty of articles that already exist on validity and reliability)

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13 Best PMP Study Guide Materials

It's no question that study guides are essential for passing the Project Management Professional Certification Exam. But, every aspiring PMP has different schedules and learning styles, which means you need a PMP training program that offers a wide variety of materials to meet everyone’s needs.

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The Complete PMP Certification Guide Hero

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PMP Certification  |  PMP Exam  |  PMP Exam Prep  |  PMP Training

Which Project Management Training Course Is Right for Me?

Have you decided to take the PMP Certification Exam? If so, congratulations! This is the first step to moving up in the field of project management. But, before you can sign up to take the exam, you should first take a project management training course to help you adequately prepare.

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