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The Basics of Agile Project Management

For those that operate in the project management space, you’ve likely heard a lot about Agile Methodologies. And while you may have a vague idea of what Agile means, it’s hard to picture the real-world benefits of Agile without a comprehensive understanding to this project development approach.

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3 Unknowns of the PMP Certification Exam

There’s a lot you should know about the PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam prior to taking it. In particular, your should know that passing this exam could have a huge impact on your salary. It’s estimated that if you’re a certified Project Management Professional, you could make 23% on average than your peers.

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The Complete PMP Certification Guide Hero

Are you interested in earning your project management professional certification, but you’re unsure how to start the process?

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Benchmark PMP Certification Salary Ranges

Are you considering earning your PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification? Regardless of all the other motivations someone has when looking to obtain a PMP Certification, a salary increase is the most enticing. And, if you think earning your certification will come with a big salary jump, you’re probably right.

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